ICOA Index Fund Competition Submission Requirements

Develop an index fund (collection of companies) that represents a specific market (e.g., Japan, large-cap, small-cap, etc.), industry (e.g., clean energy, self-driving, fintech, materials, etc.), or opportunity (e.g., deep value, growth at a reasonable price, etc.). For example, creating a clean energy themed index fund would mean finding multiple companies in the clean energy space that you believe will do well in the future. Be as creative as you wish with the theme of your fund!

In a report style doc, begin by listing the companies that are in your index fund and in what proportion they will be invested in. Represent this visually as well with a pie chart. Your fund must include at least 4 but no more than 10 public companies.

For example:

  • Apple (50%)
  • Google (10%)
  • Amazon (10%)
  • Facebook (10%)
  • Tesla (10%)
  • Berkshire Hathaway (10%)
  • + visual representation in a pie chart

Subsequently, answer the following questions about the index fund:

  • What market, industry, or opportunity does the index fund represent?
  • Why this theme? What would an investor gain by having exposure to these companies?

For each company that is a part of your index fund, answer the following questions:

  • What does the company do?
  • Why is this company part of the index fund?
    • Consider including the following in your analysis:
      • Business strength / SWOT / qualitative strength relative to similar companies
      • Financials, key metrics, valuation, and/or quantitative analysis
      • How the company fits your index fund theme 
  • What proportion of the fund will be invested in the company and why that number?
    • Only answer this question for companies that make up a large portion of the fund relative to other positions
    • Skip this question entirely if every company makes up an equal proportion of your fund

At the end of your report, answer the following questions about the index fund:

  • What was your process and criteria for selecting companies that would be a part of the index fund? (this can include various qualitative or quantitative aspects/thresholds
Finally, make sure to cite all sources of data: these can be links or MLA/APA/Chicago style citations. 

Submissions will be evaluated based on understanding and analysis of the companies included in the index fund, impact & real-life utility of the fund theme for investors, and accuracy of information. Strong submissions include thorough analysis of individual securities and their fit within the fund.

Submissions should be in either .pdf (PDF) or .docx (Microsoft Word Document) form, and submitted here. All submissions are due by June 31st at 11:59pm PST, after which the submission portal will close.

The following will be announced in early July:

  • 1 Grand Champion receiving a $100 award and custom glass plaque
  • Up to 2 Honorable Mentions receiving a $25 award each

If you have questions regarding the ICOA Index Fund Competition, please contact us.